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Go with the Workflow

Ductwork manufacturer receives support from electric cooperative for new facility improving efficiency


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Harness Opportunity

A diesel truck parts manufacturer received a training grant for its staff to learn new machinery. The lessons led to new ways to create its products – and charted paths into new markets.

Kick the Bucket Truck

A picturesque community park routinely hosted an unusual kind of parkgoer: repairmen in a bucket truck to fix or replace burned out security lights.

Fortunately, the local township received support from its local power provider for a more permanent solution – and even got paid to do so.

Hoosier Energy & WVPA announce Electrify Indiana 2022 conference

Hoosier Energy, WVPA and the Beneficial Electrification League are partnering to host the Electrify Indiana 2022 conference in downtown Indianapolis on Sept. 22.

Empower Supply

Employees at Carriage House Premier Cabinets were excited about working with their new power provider when the business moved to its new facility.

It was a unique project that had nothing to do with electricity.