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Family-owned business partners with Missouri co-op on equipment upgrade leading to companywide savings


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Budding Buzz

As a beekeeper for almost 40 years, Dale McMahan has seen a lot. Next spring, a new planting near McMahan, now the president of the Beekeepers of Indiana, will provide a new food source to help bolster insect populations in an example of larger efforts to halt the decimation of pollinator populations nationwide.

Savings Guide

A December 2016 blaze that nearly engulfed an insulation manufacturing plant in Missouri instead inspired improvements boosting employee morale and trimming energy costs – with help from the local electric co-op.

New Direction

As The Barn III theater crew members repainted sets, they noticed things didn’t look as expected – because of a new lighting system illuminating the stage brighter than before.

Seeing (Because of) the Light

Visitors to a renovated Missouri church were surprised at unnoticed details in murals over a century old. A new LED system helped bring them to light.