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Watered-Down Demand

Farms participate in unique electric co-op program to minimize peak energy demand for everyone


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Solar Petals

This summer, people haven’t been the only ones benefiting from the Co-op Solar array near Kankakee Valley Schools in northern Indiana! Pollinating plants and flowers have been buzzing with insects, birds and other animals enjoying the plants and flowers installed in the solar array by Solential Energy.

Making the (Up)Grade

A Central Indiana school district tested by faltering chillers at a middle school answered with an upgrade earning high marks from the school’s electric cooperative: a $25,000 energy efficiency rebate.

Home in One

An initial phone call that teed off fundraising for a new community center in Albion, Ind., landed an unexpected home: a former longtime local golf course clubhouse sitting dormant. And the local electric co-op was there to help provide support for the center to open.

Stride Step

For at least a week each fall, longtime farmer Jerry Sparks would end his day exhaustingly climbing into each of five grain bins to ensure that his corn was drying properly. A new grain dryer system upgrade in 2020 led to energy savings while he skipped out on steps – literally.