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Trailer manufacturer partners with electric co-op on facility upgrades that improve energy efficiency

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When Talbert Manufacturing officials pondered ways to update their northern Indiana facilities, they contacted their local energy provider, Jasper County REMC. The local electricity co-op shed light on energy efficiency upgrades that could save money – and offered rebates once they happened.

Talbert Manufacturing received rebates from the Power Moves® energy efficiency program offered by Jasper County REMC. The trailer manufacturer replaced traditional incandescent lighting with LED fixtures, which use significantly less electricity. The company made the upgrades based on findings of an energy audit, which included an analysis of the electricity use in the company’s buildings, that was provided by Jasper County REMC.

The LED fixtures are significantly brighter than the previous lighting, said Jamie Myers, Vice President of Purchasing for Talbert Manufacturing. The brightness of the LEDs allowed the company to save money by reducing the number of lighting fixtures that were needed for replacements while still improving the level of light.

“The bright lighting makes things a lot easier,” Myers added. “When you’re trying to weld and you have difficult areas to be able to see, the light just magnifies everything.”

Talbert, which engineers and manufactures heavy capacity trailers and specialized transportation equipment, implemented the lighting improvements to multiple areas of its buildings. The improved lighting in the paint booth, for instance, made it easier for employees to determine paint coverage on a trailer and do detailed work, Myers said.

“The morale on the shop floor seems better because of the upgrades,” he added.The business energy audit included an array of recommendations that Talbert could implement to reduce the company’s energy use. The business implemented the lighting renovations in multiple phases spanning several years. Jasper County REMC worked with Talbert on each phase to ensure that they qualified for the rebates.

“Talbert is a national leader in its industry, and a significant employer in our region,” said Bryan Washburn, CEO of Jasper County REMC. “Like any business, a positive return on investment is critical for Talbert’s success. These upgrades provide savings that will help Talbert more quickly recoup its investment.”

Talbert has hired more than 30 employees over the past year. The company also secured a multi-year Department of Defense contract to make semi-trailers for the U.S. Army. Talbert officials are already planning for future expansion – and discussing energy needs with its local electric co-op.

“Talbert Manufacturing has been a great partner for us,” Washburn said. “We are proud to work with a local company in a way that helps put the business – and, by extension, the community – on a path to be more successful.”

• Replaced facility incandescent lighting with LED fixtures
• Business energy audit

Local Partners
• Jasper County REMC

Partnership Highlights

• Multi-phase project of retrofitting LED lighting bays, saving 124,746 kWh of electricity per year
• Collaboration with local electric cooperative to provide a business energy audit, which included analysis of the company’s equipment
and recommendations to reduce energy consumption

Financial Impact

• More than $9,150 in Power Moves® rebates for energy efficiency improvements
• More than an estimated $8,350 per year in energy savings


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