Herald Journal: Wabash Valley, REMC celebrate landfill gas power plant opening

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Wabash Valley Power, Carroll White REMC and dozens of White County officials gathered together Friday afternoon to celebrate the opening of the Liberty III Landfill Gas Power Plant and Coonrod Substation.

The new plant and substation, located outside Buffalo in White County, will use gas generated from landfills to provide renewable energy to the surrounding area.

Landfill gas, composed primarily of equal parts of methane and carbon dioxide, is created when organic material stored in the landfill decomposes. Through drilling wells into the landfill, the gas can be collected and used to fuel on-site turbines or generators through a clean and renewable process.

Wabash Valley Power began investing in landfill gas in Indiana in 2002. With the opening of the Liberty III plant, Wabash Valley now owns a total of 16 landfill gas plants, which provide a total of 53.6 megawatts of power annually, or enough to power more than 40,000 homes every year.

The company states that each of its landfill gas plants can produce about 3.2 megawatts of power each year, and they serve to diversify the fuel customers receive in order to supply a reliable and affordable source of power.