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Rural USDA Funding Available

Prosperity Ag owner Christi Southerland talks with host Brian Anderson about USDA funding available for electric co-ops and others to pursue rural economic development projects.

Financial Aide

Prosperity Ag owner Christi Southerland was surprised to see the fruits of her labor packed in her children’s lunches.

It was in the form of packaged applesauce from a rural Midwestern apple cooperative. She had helped the co-op to secure a grant for the supplies to package its applesauce.

Power Moves Plays a Crucial Role in Energy Efficiency

Businesses going green can add more green to their wallets. To help make it happen, WVPA teams with its member co-ops on its Power Moves® energy efficiency program to support businesses on their lines.

Going to Town

In this podcast episode, our host Brian Anderson talks with Crystal Jones, the executive director of the Perry County Economic Development Authority in Missouri.