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Conducting Growth

Economic developers receiving unprecedented billion-dollar project proposals

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Burning to Passion

A destructive 2019 building blaze also ignited Zyan Miller’s passion for a career building communities.

In the ’Mix

In his first year as an economic developer, Jackson Long didn’t know what to expect when attending his first Economix conference in November.

He went with an open mind – and left with a new business project for the northeastern Indiana region he represents.

Planes, Soon Trains and Automobiles

In a few years, some central Illinois businesses will pack products to travel to the airport – and they likely will arrive at their destination by train.

Beefed Up Charging

Beef House Restaurant owner Bob Wright regularly encounters travelers meandering off the pair of nearby four-lane highways to stop in for a bite and a break.

Electric vehicle drivers can now also fill up their automobiles at the longtime western Indiana eatery.