Austin Arceo

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Kick the Bucket Truck

A picturesque community park routinely hosted an unusual kind of parkgoer: repairmen in a bucket truck to fix or replace burned out security lights.

Fortunately, the local township received support from its local power provider for a more permanent solution – and even got paid to do so.

Growing Home

The newest member of our economic development team already is familiar with the electric co-op world. She grew up a member of the first electric distribution cooperative in Indiana!

Hoosier Energy & WVPA announce Electrify Indiana 2022 conference

Hoosier Energy, WVPA and the Beneficial Electrification League are partnering to host the Electrify Indiana 2022 conference in downtown Indianapolis on Sept. 22.

Connected to Weather the Weather and More

With rising temps and tightening grid conditions, many have begun to pay close attention to concerns over energy costs and reliability. Fortunately, we at WVPA maintain our focus and commitment to affordable and reliable energy 24/7.