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Reducing the cost of the electricity we provide is our primary goal.  To help meet this goal,  Wabash Valley has developed energy efficiency and demand response programs that help consumers manage their monthly electric usage.  Building a new power plant is an expensive venture that can lead to increased costs.   By encouraging consumers to participate in our energy-saving programs, we can limit the need for new plant construction and lessen the impact on consumer rates.


Besides a menu of kilowatt-hour saving programs aimed at residential customers, Wabash Valley also provides a full array of energy-saving programs for commercial and industrial members.   Our POWER MOVES® energy efficiency programs provide financial incentives for a wide assortment of home and business improvements that can provide lower monthly energy costs, better lighting, space conditioning, and greater efficiency in equipment operations.   Visit POWER MOVES to see all of the program details and incentive application forms.


Wabash Valley offers a variety of Demand Response options, as part of its new PowerShift program, to help consumers reduce their energy usage during peak times.  Qualifying consumers who can reduce power when energy supplies are low (or when wholesale market prices are high) may earn financial incentives by participating in these programs.  Contact your local electric cooperative to see if they have a Demand Response program to meet your needs. Click here for a list of cooperatives. 

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