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Environmental consciousness and energy efficiency are becoming more important to both individual consumers and businesses. In 2002, Wabash Valley began investing in landfill gas generation and now, with 15 plants and 47 MW of baseload capacity, leads the Midwest in landfill gas ownership.  In addition, Wabash Valley purchases the output from wind farms and biogas generators. Rather than incorporating these renewables into our own portfolio, we sell the environmental attributes, facilitating others’ ability to achieve their environmental goals. While this doesn’t allow us to claim this generation as renewable in our  own portfolio, it is one more way we are supporting the growth of renewables in the marketplace.*

Photo 1

Landfill Gas Plants Owned Assets
Fuel: Methane
Output: 15 plants for a total of 47 MW

Photo 3Dairy Digesters Purchased Power Agreements
Bos Dairy Farms Biogas Plant, Herrema Fairy Farms, Hiddenview Dairy Farms, Windy Ridge Generating Facility, Fair Oaks Generating Facility
Fuel: Cattle Waste
AW 2 turbines cornfield low resWind Purchased Power Agreements
AgriWind, Story County, Pioneer Trail
Fuel: Wind
Output: 38 MW



*WVPA supports renewable energy by owning landfill gas generation and purchasing the output of wind farms and biogas generators. Wabash Valley Power sells, separately, the environmental attributes associated with this generation to its members and third parties, and therefore does not claim the generation as renewable within our own supply portfolio.

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