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Wabash Valley Power

Financial Performance

As a not-for-profit membership association and a generation and transmission cooperative, Wabash Valley Power coordinates with its member cooperatives on a financial level. Given that the financial performance of the G&T affects the financial health of its members, Wabash Valley Power directors are actively involved in overseeing all aspects of the association’s finances.

The scope of operations is evident in Wabash Valley Power’s financial data. In 2015, for example, operating revenues totaled just over $740 million, with a net margin of $18 million. Total assets were valued at over $1 billion at the end of 2015.

Recognizing the changes and unpredictability within the energy market, WVPA focuses on risk management in its financial and power supply activities. By negotiating long-term baseload power supply agreements, hedging market positions and building its portfolio around multiple generating sources, Wabash Valley Power reinforces reliability and minimizes an inherent risk.

Prudent practices and financial controls have been rewarded with a rating of A- with a stable outlook from Standard & Poor’s Register of Corporations. This independent credit rating improves the association’s ability to secure outside financing and create confidence among energy suppliers.

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