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Wabash Valley Power

About WVPA

Wabash Valley Power Association (WVPA) is a generation and transmission (G&T) cooperative based in Indianapolis. The G&T provides wholesale electricity to distribution systems in Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and Ohio. Collectively, these distribution cooperatives supply electricity to more than 320,000 homes, farms, businesses and industries.

Over the years, WVPA has evolved into a fully integrated provider of wholesale electricity, building a diversified power supply portfolio that combines a variety of wholesale market pricing products, effective energy management programs and owned generation. Wabash Valley Power is currently involved in the development and practical operation of innovative generation methods such as landfill gas generation, coal gasification and wind power.

Wabash Valley Power is a tax-exempt 501(c)(12) not-for-profit corporation, privately held by its member distribution cooperatives, and operated under the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) business model. It operates within the Midwest Independent System Operator and PJM Interconnection, and is a founding member of both ACES Power Marketing and Touchstone Energy®.

Our Mission Statement

Wabash Valley Power Association exists to supply and deliver reliable wholesale power at a stable and competitive price to its member-owners and respond to their collective needs.

Our Vision

We shall constantly refine our power supply plan to ensure that we can deliver a stable supply of electricity to our members at prices that are competitive with both the market and other power suppliers in the regions we serve.

In all of our activities, we shall strive to serve our members’ needs in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

As we make decisions related to costs, sales, margins, growth and equity, we shall remain committed to being financially prudent and sensitive to the impacts on our members and all other stakeholders.

Because we cannot predict the future with a large degree of certainty, we shall remain flexible, open to new ideas and approach opportunities from which our members will benefit.

For the good of our members’ communities and the realities of regulation, we shall continue to pursue alternative energy opportunities that deliver cost-effective generation or offer other financial advantages in conjunction with and optimized by energy efficiency, demand side management, demand response programs and traditional generation resources.

We shall continually expand our knowledge of industry practices to encourage healthier economic, governmental and social conditions for the member systems and the communities they serve.

While we may not be the forerunner, we will adapt to new and emerging technologies.

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